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Fresh start.

Hi stranger...

It’s been a while. My life has turned upside down in the last few months.

I thought I could finally be happy, I thought I found my one and only.

Such a beautiful lie, I can’t even put into words the emotional torment that I have been through.

It hurt like hell but after few months, it’s finally starting to get better.

I know you cannot change your life overnight but you have to start somewhere.

This is my fresh start! This is my chance to make things right for myself.

Why do we torture ourselves loving people that won’t appreciate us or love us back? Why do we give our hearts so easily?

We all want to be loved, so much that we can’t see that the person in front of us isn’t the right one.

I have decided to change my life, I deserve better.

He broke my heart and now it’s on me to fix it.

It will take some time…I feel numb.

I feel like I won’t be able to feel love for someone any time soon and you know why? Because I am still learning how to love myself, how to feel happy with my own company and life.

Take your time, take baby steps, you will get there. Be patient and forgive yourself for all the times you cried yourself to sleep.

Things will get better.

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