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Hi you,

I hope you are okay. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I can’t put into words how much they mean to me. They definitely made my day.

I am sorry that I didn’t post yesterday but I tried my best to have a good day and it went better than expected. I received some cute gifts, I listened to music, I danced and had some drinks alone. I decided to wear a black dress, put some make-up on and just feel fabulous. I video called my family and my two best friends, had cake, tiramisu, chocolates and cooked some great food. I kept a positive attitude the whole day and I am proud of myself for doing that.

Yesterday I celebrated my life, my scars and my entire being.

Guess what? I will try to celebrate it every day.

I try my best to be honest and transparent on this blog, I have said before that healing isn’t a straight path, I stand my ground. You will have good days and you will have some, uhm, less good ones. Celebrate all of them!

I took some selfies yesterday for my mom (I really dislike selfies and pictures in general) and guess what? They were effortless, no filter and I like them, a lot.

I also ordered a pair of biker shorts and purple leggings, I usually wear only black and never shorts. I am slowly starting to accept what, all my life, I have considered ‘flaws’. Took me 21 years to realise that they aren’t flaws, I am beautiful just the way I am, I don’t need to fit in the box in order to know my damn worth!

Here are some reasons to be grateful:

  1. You are alive

  2. You are beautiful

  3. You are worthy of love

  4. You are strong

  5. You are smart

  6. You are capable

  7. You are kind

  8. You are unique

  9. You are enough

  10. You deserve the world!

I tried to upload a video here but this website doesn't seem to like that very much so here is a picture of the flowers I got yesterday.

Take care!

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