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Hey stranger,

It’s been some days since I last posted.

I will start by saying that they cancelled again my second flight to go back home and the one to return here.

C’est la vie! I talked to my former company and they rebooked my ‘special’ employee tickets, one in August and one in September. I won’t even try to go back now, although I have braces and one wire snapped, one bracket broke. Yey, it’s a joy to eat right now.

I haven’t really been feeling like myself in the last few days.

Two days ago I just burst into tears so I avoided writing for some reason but I am back now.

Also, my birthday article has over 300 views, that’s crazy, thank you!

I had another job interview but I couldn’t accept it as they would offer me 1-2 months placement in someone’s house and I need a job for literally 3 months. I can’t move with all my things and I can’t keep paying rent if I won’t be here.

I will have another job interview on the 8th for a different job and I am sure it will be okay. It will be physically very demanding but at the end of the day, I come back home and I sleep in my sweet bed. I will only work four days and I will have three days off after. Always the same shift, I can do it. I can have some balance.

Today I was expecting my last payment from the company, just a tiny bit more than my rent and guess what? I received 2k, like what the hell? They didn’t say anything about it.

I was so stressed, feeling guilty when I spent a bit more for my groceries…

Anxiety almost every single day and today, it just hit me in the bloody face.

Don’t get me wrong, I am super happy but I have never received such a good salary before.

I am almost done paying for my laptop, every month I pay more than the minimum payment because I want to get rid of this compromise.

I also have to pay monthly for my Personal Trainer course and once I am done with my laptop, I will cover more of that.

My savings are doing great like I can’t believe that I have been saving so much in less than a year, I am just so proud of myself.

London won’t be so harsh to me once I move, not financially at least…

I received an email from University and they said that classes will be both online and face to face, so I am happy. I asked them to send me a reading list and pre-sessional preparation courses because I just want to make my life easier and study better and faster.

I don’t have other updates but I am working towards being productive and motivated as much as possible.

I hope you are all okay and don’t forget that if you are going through difficult times right now, things will get better sooner or later. Just hang in there and believe in yourself.

Take care!

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