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New Chapter

Hi you,

Tell me, how is your life going now? How are you feeling?

First of all, wow, 500 views! This is amazing, thank you so much!

I was supposed to post two days ago but I have been so busy and I tried yesterday but as always, the website wasn't working...

Let’s begin! This will be long because I had an unpleasant experience but it will serve me as a lesson for the future... I want to share it so maybe, someone else, won't make the same mistake and I hope I can explain this situation in a proper way.

Some of you already know that this girl has a job now!

Short after I posted the last article, the agency that I tried to work with, they contacted me (I was communicating with a consultant on WhatsApp) and told me that a family wants to have an interview with me in a few hours. Of course I was happy because I waited almost 3 weeks after this agency and they only offered me something after I finished those two courses, changed my CV and cover letter... You can understand how that is frustrating so I tried to expand my horizons. One of my friends worked as an au pair and she advised me to join a Facebook group because families and au pairs post jobs there. I was contacted by an au pair that will move back to her country in August and she was trying to find a replacement for the family. She sent me what the family is looking for, I sent her my CV and cover letter and then I was offered an interview. Basically, I was offered two interviews in one freaking day after weeks of radio silence. That’s quite overwhelming, but I wanted to have them both because why not? I could see which family/offer is better and also, practice a bit more.

The first interview (the one offered by the agency) was 45 minutes long, they both seemed nice, they really liked me and they were looking for someone to start in September. They asked me if I am willing to wait until then and I said ‘If I find the right family, then yes.’

I was quite nervous and a bit stressed because video calls freak me out. I smiled so much my face was hurting. It went very well and they told me that I am the first person they were interviewing and they will make a decision in a week.

Apparently a week meant less than 24 h! Next day, the agency told me that the family offered me the job. I was excited but I had another interview few hours later. I thought I would go with the first family so I will be chill about the second interview and then kindly thank the family but deny the offer. I wanted to go through it because I promised to have this interview. Guys, that was the best freaking choice!!! The second one was a video call on WhatsApp and it lasted 1 h and a half! It went amazing! I just could be myself entirely, this family is exactly what I was looking for, perfect match! I really enjoyed it and it didn’t stress me out! I met the whole family and the mom told me like 5 times that she really likes me and wants me. She is so sweet, she wanted to meet and say hi to my mom and brother... It didn’t feel like an interview at all and truth be told, I am very picky and I rarely get a great first impression of someone but damn, she has earned it! She is super honest, straightforward and you can see that she will always put her daughter first. At the end of the interview, we agreed to talk next day and I will give her my answer.

These is where things get tricky, that agency sent me a ‘congratulations’ email and asked me to confirm that I received that email and that I want to accept the offer of engagement. Now, let me tell you, that wasn’t a contract! The consultant told me that I need to send her a DBS/Certificate from the police and she can start the process but I didn't send her anything. This process means actually working on a contract. I sent her that confirmation email before I had the second interview but in less than 24 h I informed that consultant (on WhatsApp) that I won’t take the job because the circumstances have changed. She told her manager and that manager started threatening me that what I did is illegal and I breached the contract! What the hell?! No freaking contract was sent to me, I didn’t sign anything. Eventually, I sent them an official email saying that what they are accusing me of is factually incorrect and more. I have the right to change my mind. I understand that the family was excited to meet me but honestly, I need to do what’s best for me and I told them in advance, they have plenty of time to find a replacement. They had more interviews scheduled that night anyway.

Nevertheless, I was super annoyed and stressed because of this shitty situation with the agency. My best advice for you, don’t trust agencies! Thank God I haven’t heard from them after I sent that email.

The second family is really supportive and they offered me even legal support in case this agency tries something else. The story is longer but I don’t want this to be a 10 minutes article.

Well, I am going back to the UK on the 28th (hopefully) because my country announced that the borders will probably close again on the first of August and my city might go into lockdown. I can’t risk being stuck here so, my home ‘vacay’ is shorter than a month. I will go in self-isolation for 14 days and then move to London. The family will be on holiday for 3 weeks so I will be alone in the house for that period of time and still be paid.

I am excited about this new beginning but this will be the fourth time moving in two years. It’s quite stressful to keep moving by yourself in another country. The good thing is that if, schools will definitely open, I will have plenty of time during the day and I really need to focus on my Personal Trainer course and I will only take one University module. I am looking forward to doing this but I will miss my current accommodation, I will miss the landlord because he is such a kind person, we talk all the time and we are really close... He is the only person that has been there since day one, constantly supporting me and checking on my mental and physical health.

You know what they say, you will only grow if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone! Wish me good luck! I am impressed with my ability to keep adapting so fast and I am definitely challenging my limits all the time...

I wanted to let you know that I found four ladies and I gave them the bags of clothes myself and I am really happy about this! Next month I want to try to donate blood too.

Other than that, I am enjoying being home, I am a bit sad that I am leaving earlier but ugh, I am grateful I managed to be home for two weeks!

Food wise, my god the struggle! Everything here is delicious but after being indulgent for two days, I have been trying to eat properly, track my macros as much as possible to make sure I am consuming enough protein. I am not losing weight but at least I am maintaining. I have been so bloated... it's probably a normal reaction. What isn't normal is how bad my knees are torturing me! I am not working out right now because I physically can't!

Anyhow, I hope this article isn't too long, I have more things to tell you but another time.

Take care of yourself!

Picture from @wordsflyhigh on IG.

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