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I am running out of catchy titles...

Hello stranger,

I had to wait all day to find some time to write so I guess this is it.

Yesterday I had my webinar training, let me clarify though: it was a free webinar about the VIP Flight Attendant role. Since this is still a mystery because the internet isn’t as resourceful as it normally is when it comes to the corporate aviation, I wanted some answers and to be more informed.

As I said before, I am not considering flying again any time soon. I am still very young and inexperienced and I want to learn new skills that aren’t aviation related but I want to keep my options open.

I have realised that I could consider this kind of job in 1 or maybe 2 years or even more, I don’t mind because time is all I have.

I worked for two low-cost airlines so obviously no first class, not even business class, only frozen sandwiches. I could pay for a training which is only three days but I still need to practice it somewhere before I get the job because they don’t really offer you another training, they expect you to know and have similar experience! That’s understandable since they pay so much to buy that jet or just to fly on it.

This isn’t a priority for me, not now. The trainer said that I could attend some courses to learn more about wine/mixology and oh boy, that sounds exciting. Obviously, the corporate flight attendant job is not my main motivation because I really want to learn for myself, that is on my bucket list already. I am a big alcohol lover (it’s not as drastic as it sounds but I do appreciate a good drink) and I would absolutely love to have such knowledge, I will start to consider it part of the essential survival skills. Why go out to get a good cocktail when you can make your own heaven? See my point? Be strong, independent and skilled.

I love cooking and I do consider myself a good cook, I thought about learning how to prepare gourmet food (I like to call it ‘fancy pants food’, that can’t really be enough to fill you up but hey, who am I to complain? I am not the one that can afford to pay for such meals, not yet anyway), let’s not forget about silver spoon, I guess that is more difficult to learn because courses are quite expensive.

Well, again, not my main priority. We shall live and see what happens.

In June I will start my Personal Trainer course and because I love a challenge, I am going for the most advanced course which comes with a job offer (not a guarantee) but somehow I nailed my two interviews in order to work for my former airlines with literally no work experience. Just a lot of preparation and research. I am proud of that.

I am a fast learner and I do consider myself hard-working. If I have something in mind then I will work as hard as possible to achieve it. I have always loved working out and learning new things about food. Truth be told, I can’t wait to start! I am excited about this career change, I feel like I can finally do something that I love and it might not make my life miserable. Cheers!

I think I could also attend university easily (it’s an evening university, from 6 to 9 pm, I chose it because it gives me the opportunity to work full-time during the day) so what more could I ask for? London please be kind to me…

Because I love working out although I have some knee problems that have started when I was 7 years old (long story, definitely for another day), I think I could be a very good personal trainer, I am really patient and I always try to help as much as possible. I could make it fun and enjoyable.

I ordered some new resistance bands and I tested them and I am so pleased with the quality and strength. Five of them are made of natural latex and you can choose from extra light to extra heavy and the other one is an adjustable wide resistance band (I can’t seem to find if it has any specific name but I am sure you get what I am trying to say). I can’t wait to incorporate them in my workouts.

That would be it I guess, I am really tired so I even spilled my drink all over my desktop, phone, leg… The excitement is real, so is the clumsiness.

I hope you are all okay and safe.

I wish you a brilliant day! Take care!

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