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Cabin Crew, prepare for landing.

Hello stranger,

I hope you are well and safe.

I am writing because I feel a bit strange and lethargic. I had to pack my uniform and this morning I went to the airport and returned it. I definitely hated ironing that uniform all the bloody time with such a passion I can’t even put it into words and yet, last night, seeing everything on my bed… I guess I wasn’t ready yet.

I was about to resign in 2-3 months but I would have done it on my own terms, I would have had time to say good bye and to be ready to leave aviation behind…

It’s not fair that somehow my options were taken away from me. I don’t feel sad because this wasn’t my dream job nor my passion but this is the end and I am trying to come to terms with it, seems harder than what I was expecting. I thought I could just let it go, be happy that it set me free…

Like everything else, it will take some time. Apparently I seem to have an emotional connection with many things no matter how much I try to deny it…

Obviously, after two years in commercial aviation, I am thinking that I could try to become a corporate flight attendant, maybe next year, since it’s a completely different world, you can work freelance too and still have time for yourself. Tomorrow I will attend a webinar training and I am looking forwards to learning new things about the VIP flight attendant life and private jets, mostly because I really want to travel, a privilege I couldn’t have with my former low-cost airlines.

So, I have other news too.

I might start taking writing a bit more seriously.

From my point of view, I lack some skills, this blog is my attempt of expressing and validating my emotions but I did mention before that I am not a writer.

I just enjoy writing about my feelings, pain, drama, joy, anything that I could get off my chest. I really want to improve myself, publish more articles so, I just did a bit of random research and I found some short courses which I am undoubtedly considering taking, one of them is about writing fiction. Yuhu! Do not worry, my imagination is vast so my mind is constantly creating new scenarios. Hence the name of the blog…I am lost inside my head!

There are so many people messaging me on this platform that sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I have never thought someone would actually read anything that I write…

I am really thankful for all the support and kind words that I am getting from you. I find it incredible that some people actually complimented my writing skills. It gives me hope!

I feel so connected to people thanks to this blog so what can I say more? You are my inspiration to work on becoming someone who could write better.

You can never go wrong by becoming a better writer, right?

Take care!

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