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Bittersweet December!

Hello Stranger,

It’s been a while…

How are you? Hope you’ve been keeping safe and well!

This article will be short, I guess I don’t really have much to say.

I have been so busy and rather stressed at times with the bootcamp, I have less than three weeks left now until I can say that I am done, and I will finally join my team.

My feedback so far is that the curriculum has been quite overwhelming, they tried to include so much, and we have weekly individual projects with little to no guidance.

I guess I understand why they created it this way since I will be doing lots of things in the next 15 months.

Even my managers were a bit concerned, it’s easy to get burned out…

Anyway, I had awesome feedback from my apprenticeship coach and she communicated this to my line manager.

We discussed the next steps after the bootcamp, and since right now I am in a front-end development team, I will solely focus on front-end for two months and a half from January.

I have to tackle lots of things for the apprenticeship (they gave me a long list) while also focusing on the technologies my team uses. It will be 80% work and 20% studying.

After I might be placed with another team as I need to focus on back-end development for the same duration, then the same thing for deployment, and later on we can choose an elective for two or three more months. They have several options for that, and I am really interested in mobile development, mainly iOS.

Once again, I will probably have to work with another team but I am excited. I have been told that I can even stay with that team after the apprenticeship is done, I’ll see how it goes.

I am just happy to learn new things, and I am trying to slow down and enjoy the process.

Just wanted to show some appreciation for my company, because I must say I am not only pleased but also impressed with them.

They are not only very welcoming and supportive, but I can totally see myself growing even more with them.

It was a very nice surprise when I got my first salary because it exceed my expectations.

They are offering so many benefits, and this is my first time ever having actual benefits besides paid holiday while working in this country.

I finally have a passive income as well, and I have tried to educate myself more regarding this because I want to know better what I am doing and what’s going on.

Financial freedom is the ultimate goal!

I have been able to treat myself with certain things that are a necessity to deal with my physical pain, and treat my family too.

I have started to save up already, and finally, I am not stressed about money.

However, this is not all about me. I understand I am privileged now, and I want to be able to help as well.

I was so happy that I was able to donate to a squirrel rehabilitation centre (I absolutely love squirrels), buy plenty of food to donate to a food bank, and also donated some warm clothes as it’s getting colder and colder. I also helped two people, one to recover some money, and another one to win a competition and a scholarship, this person has some rare talent and I am so lucky that I got to see it.

I can’t explain how I feel exactly when I help someone, but I am just happy to see others doing better.

I wanted to volunteer and help cook some food in a shelter for Christmas, but they changed the dates to way before Christmas Day and while I am doing the bootcamp, I can’t take a day off unless I am sick.

I am really hoping to have more free time next year and start volunteering, I have so many ideas.

If you can, please consider doing a good deed this month as well, even donating clothes you no longer wear.

The world needs a little kindness!

Also, please, don’t consider this as bragging because it is not. This year has been very tough for me, especially financially. There was a moment when I thought I might have to return to my country because it seemed like I kept getting doors slammed in my face, and I also moved five times so no place felt like home…

You know what they say, sometimes things you want don’t happen because you deserve better.

I am so glad I did not lose hope because now I have started my career in tech with an amazing company.

It is definitely my time to start shining!

I promise that next year I will start writing more informative articles, as there are lots of things I want to talk about.

In the meantime, please take care of yourself! Don’t forget to prioritize your mental and physical health, check in with yourself on a daily basis, and remember you are special!

I will try posting another article either before Christmas or before New Year.

Take care!

Today's song is one that I very much enjoy:

I also felt like changing the blog's theme, hope you like it!

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